Legal Marketing: Are you ignoring your “Contact Settings” on LinkedIn?

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Make sure your “Contact Settings” can be easily found on your LinkedIn account.

Expose yourself – it’s okay!

Poor old contact settings.  Relegated to the bottom of your profile.  Often ignored.  But did you know that with a few minor tweaks, contact settings could make your profile exponentially more accessible on LinkedIn?

The trick is adding your contact information (an email address or phone number) to this section – usually found at the bottom of your profile.  Once you do, your contact information becomes exposed to your entire network – not just your first level of connections. This way clients are more likely to find you. And not just find you, but contact you. If it’s too hard for a client to find your contact information, you might lose them to your competition.

I know this will make some people nervous.  I have many people in my network. I’ve had my contact info in this section for years, and I rarely get unsolicited spam as a result. Optimizing my contact information has only benefited me, not hurt me.

Caveat:  The more you expose yourself on social media, the more exposed you are to people who might abuse the system.

You can always create a “social media email account” that you use strictly for your social media communications:

  • Keep your legal social media email and “real” email separate
  • Build your lists
  • It gives you a “throw away” option if your account gets usurped or ‘phished’

That should keep you relatively safe.

Expose yourself!


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