Legal Marketing: Be Fearless on Social Media

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Some attorneys and legal marketers fear social media because they don’t know what to say or what to share with the world. But I’m here to tell you, don’t fear it – embrace it!

One of the benefits of social media is that it allows us to share our value (knowledge, service, expertise) with an expanded audience. The social proof of our success is in the acceptance, response and continued growth of people who will actually listen to us and share our knowledge with others.

Because the financial, academic and geographic boundaries are miniscule with social media, more people can play. And play well. More people can compete.

With social reputation, your law degree might not be as important as the visits to your website and number of comments on your blog.

Your social proof. But because there is no officiating body to designate our contribution as worthy, sometimes we feel – well – like maybe we have the world fooled.

But here’s the truth as I see it:  If you are using social media as a channel to share your good – your knowledge – your skill – your genius – your passion with the world, then the world will rise up to embrace you.  If you are a Go-Giver at heart, and are passionate about what you have to give (legal knowledge, skill), then the naysayers will be ignored, and your authority honored.

Social media levels the playing field. A new, small firm, if social media savvy, can actually compete with huge, national firms on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.  In traditional media, there is no way that a small local business could compete with the big box. But on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook – with your WordPress blog and your YouTube video, –  your small firm can really stack up against a large, corporate firm.

You decide. Are you an indomitable spirit?  Or terrified of the world’s judgment?   I suggest you take your passion – present it to the world – and let yourself shine.  What’s holding you back?


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