Legal Marketing: Track Social Media for your Law Firm

Graph Tracking Social Media

Tracking activity and response rates is key for law firm social media ROI.

Want to know what law topic is being tweeted about? Want to know if your law firm’s tweets are creating any buzz? Curious what others are saying about your law firm and attorneys?

Here are 3 tips regarding tracking social media:

  1. Track your Twitter popularity by using it regularly. Tweet important topics about the legal field by referring to big law sites like National Law Review, American Bar Association, or Legal Marketing Reader. Check to see if people re-tweet it or comment on your posts. If you are not yet familiar with Twitter functionality, you can check to see if people are responding to your comments by checking the @replies on the right side bar.
  2. If you don’t have time to maintain and keep up with social media news, then use a program like SocialFlow. This Enterprise SaaS application listens to what your audience is interested in and talking about in real time. They pair your potential Tweets and posts with your audience’s interests in real time, and release the message that is most likely to earn the most attention and action from your audience. From what we understand, those using this application have seen huge increases in their click rate.
  3. See which articles are being clicked on most by using links. This site shortens URLs so they take up less of your 140 allowed characters on Twitter. And once you have your link, you can track how many clicks each article  is receiving, who is retweeting it, and if that reader is actually reading the whole article. If a reader is only reading one paragraph of your article, then maybe the headline didn’t correlate with the actual material in that article. This is an easy way to see what people are reading and relate to them by posting current and popular law articles.

Check out more of their tips by reading Advertising Age’s article, “Five Things you didn’t know about Social Media Tracking.”


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