Legal Marketing: Fix your Company’s LinkedIn Page


LinkedIn’s new tools allow you to optimize your company’s page to the fullest.

LinkedIn has really put some time and effort into making their company profiles (over a million to date) more interactive.  The new Products and Services tabs allow you to add your individual products and services. Additionally, LinkedIn’s new recommendation button makes it easy to get recommendations not only from within LinkedIn itself, but from anywhere you decide to post the Recommend button.

Here’s the code to add the Recommendation button to your site:

<script type= text/javascript  src= ></script><script type= in/recommendproduct  data-company= CompanyID  data-product= ProductID 3 data-counter= right ></script>

Who Can Edit Your Profile?

What has been scary to me for awhile, is that there was no way to control who edited your company page.  Anyone with an could edit your profile.  Finally, LinkedIn gives you the option of choosing who gets access to that editing button, which is a really big deal for both large and small companies that might have some LinkedIn savvy irate employees, or even well-intentioned employees who don’t really know what they are doing.

To change who can edit your LinkedIn company profile, simply go to your company’s page on LinkedIn, click on the edit button, and under Company Pages Admins choose who can edit your company profile:

Choose – Designated users only. At this time the default is “All Employees” which means anyone with a valid email registered to the company domain can edit your company profile. Scary!

Eventually, I am hoping LinkedIn will give us the opportunity to remove employees who don’t work for us (but that have our company listed in their profiles and therefore show up as employees.)

LinkedIn Company Page Analytics

Another new feature is the ability to view analytics for all kinds of things!  You can now see how many LinkedIn members are visiting your company page and how many LinkedIn members are following your company. You can also see what industries, functions and companies these professionals come from. Finally, you can also track how they are interacting with your Careers tab or Products and Services tab, how many are clicking on your promotional banners, and how many choose to contact employees at your company.

What would you like LinkedIn to add or change to their line-up?  Let me know in the comments page below.


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