Legal Marketing: Blog Opportunities

Blogs will change your Life

As social media becomes a more credible source of information, it’s becoming a major influencer when choosing a law firm.

Lawyers are getting younger and younger. As each month, year, and day passes, a new generation is rising to the plate – a generation that has grown up in the social media world.

According to a recent survey taken by LTN Law Technology News, “43 percent of in-house counsel turn to blogs as a primary source of information.”

This is a huge number, especially when most law firms have not caught up with the social media craze. Common skepticism aside, blogs are a way to get hired and gain clients. This is a way to market your firm, basically for free. This is an opportunity for smaller firms to grow their client base and compete with much larger firms. With social media in the mix, everyone is on the same playing field.

The survey also pointed out the huge age difference when it comes to adopting social media. Attorneys between the ages of 30 and 39 are using social media a lot more than lawyers over the age of 60.  These younger lawyers are getting onto their social media accounts daily – LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter – and they are getting some of their legal and industry news from these sites.

As time goes on, social media will be something all lawyers HAVE to do to keep clients and to stay in business. This is the generation of social marketing. Welcome.

To read more about these surveys, click here.


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