Legal Marketing: Social Media and Law Firms

Social Media

You need to look at social media as a savior not a nemesis, an asset rather than a liability and time saver rather than time killer for your legal marketing needs.

Law firms have been reluctant to participate in social media as it was becoming mainstream because they saw it as a major commitment of their time without much value to show in return. Lately, a lot of the negative perceptions about social media have changed, though the majority of law firms have yet to appreciate the huge benefit that social media has to offer.

Here are my 5 ways social media can help law firms:

  1. Social media allows law firms to define and adopt a more differentiating legal marketing strategy than they were ever comfortable doing before.
  2. Social media provides a systematic way to create intellectual capital and share your area of expertise. It is the best customized continuing education program for your professional enrichment, keeping you ahead of the learning curve and positioning you and your firm as a thought leader. Plus, it pays for you to go back to school. Specialists are respected, and they tend to make a lot more money.
  3. Social media allows for you to build prospective client relationships faster than just communicating through phone calls. People have a natural tendency to want to work with other people that they know, trust and like. Social media provides a greater return on your time investment.
  4. Your law firm’s market can greatly increase through social media. Small to midsize law firms can affordably build a national awareness. Why would a prospective client, outside of your market, want to work with your agency? Give them a reason.
  5. Utilizing social media can help you network with other lawyers and legal marketers. This helps you stay in touch and keep up with all of the new legal trends and hot topics.

Social media is like networking on steroids and just takes a little effort to keep it working on your behalf.

  • My blog provides content that is optimized for search to a very specific target audience. I easily dominate certain search words.
  • Through Facebook, family, friends and followers stay connected no matter where I am. It takes only minutes to update my status, connect with others, share location, photos, etc.
  • With very little effort I can create, maintain and grow touch points through social media networks, and all I’ve had to do is read and write.

A well-defined social media strategy can launch your firm to a completely new level. Give it a try and let us know how it goes.


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