Legal Marketing: 10 Quick Tips to Generate Traffic to Your Blog

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Once your law firm has a blog, there are many ways you can help generate traffic to the site, doubling – or even tripling – the payoff for your efforts.

You have developed a bank of substantive information on topics within your expertise. There are an untold number of prospective clients on the web right now, looking for that very information – and possibly for the right lawyer to take a related case.

How to make sure your blog makes it to the best prospects for your law firm? Try these 10 tips for generating traffic to your blog and keep your readers visiting often:

  1. Publish posts frequently if possible; at least 3 times and preferably 5 times per week; though, this can be difficult for attorneys, so just staying consistent with your posts is important.
  2. Write a lot of “evergreen” posts that aren’t specific to a certain date so your posts will have a long shelf life. That way, you can quickly re-purpose them for reuse later, giving you a good return for your time investment; though, this too, can be difficult in the legal world considering the ongoing changes with legislation.
  3. Syndicate your new posts to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to reach an even wider audience – an audience in which readers who find your article relevant and interesting enough will share it with their own networks, where it may be passed along through even more networks. Make sure you are linked to professional organizations such as the American Bar Association for an even wider distribution – and potential referrals through other lawyers.
  4. Add your blog’s link to your email signature – it’s easy, automatic, and it may prompt someone to visit and become a subscriber.
  5. Use a program like Social Oomph to repurpose and reuse your blog’s older content through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  6. Add  a “share button” at the bottom  or top of your posts to make your content viral, easily shared with others through their personal networks.
  7. Provide subscription options for your blog such as through email or an RSS Feed.
  8. Identify key words you want to dominate in Google search and consistently use them in your post titles.
  9. A key requirement for a successful blog: Resist the urge to promote your firm’s services! Your blog is the place to build credibility as an expert with substantive, helpful legal information people can use – and a face and name they’ll remember. Even hint at self promotion and you’ll lose readers. The moment you start to highlight your firm’s expertise on your blog, you will most likely begin to lose your audience.
  10. Don’t forget search engine optimization (SEO) – making your posts search engine friendly. Identify the key words you want most associated with your posts in searches and consistently use them to accelerate your rankings. The higher your article appears in a search, the more likely it is to be viewed.

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