Legal Marketing: 5 Keys to Developing a Social Media Strategy for Your Law Firm

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Here are some helpful thoughts to consider for creating a social media strategy that will have success for generating new business for your law firm.

In a recent article, David Finch, a social media manager with 10 years of experience creating online content, outlines some basic keys to developing a social media strategy. I’ve also provided some of my own to thoughts to give you these 5 keys to developing a social media strategy:

1. Make sure every blog has its own face-whether it’s a larger firm and you want to blog by practice area or a smaller firm and you want to have a managing partner be the face of the firm.

It’s a place where people can see your thoughts, ideas and communicate with you.

Though, you must not rush into it because contrary to popular belief, you can mess up social media if you don’t know what you’re doing. And who wants to mess something up that hundreds, thousands, even millions of people can see when it has you law firms face and name on it?

2. KISS, or “Keep it Simple, Stupid”, and stick to the basics.

Start out slow and build your social media strategy in phases. Monitor your Facebook and Twitter. Make sure people are interacting and track what they interact with the most and tweak it from there. Don’t make things complicated!

3. Persistence.

Always be blogging, tweeting, Facebooking, etc. You don’t want to just blog once a month-no one will read it because no one will know it’s there. Persistence is key. Keep writing about stuff that pertains to legal hot topics; keep giving tips and advice. Don’t stop because once you stop it’s hard to jump back on.

4. Read.

Make sure you’re reading up on legal news and information so you look knowledgeable when tweeting or blogging. You don’t want to be just writing unidentifiable things to your audience. You want to be a thought leader, so people trust what you say and follow you.

5. And finally, make sure all levels of social media are integrating with each other.

You want to have one face for your firm, not 500. Keep the same message and direction with all platforms. And make sure you’re not just using Facebook, or just Twitter. Try out different types of social media tools.

Click here to read David Finche’s entire article, “Persistence, The Key to Your Social Media Stratetgy”


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