Legal Marketing: The Eight Word Mission Statement

Hands Holding Mission Statement

Your law firm’s mission statement can have new business value and measurable results.

Most firms have a mission statement. Most are filled with wordy jargon that is often forgotten, misremembered or flatly ignored by staff and is meaningless to prospective clients. Your mission statement should foster clarity.

Kevin Starr, executive director of the Mulago Foundation, has created a compelling approach to developing a focused and useful mission statement that warrants the attention of law firms.  Starr insists that the companies he funds, express their mission statement in under eight words.

The Starr Method: Clients must follow this format: “Verb, target, outcome.”

This concise method is a fresh approach to developing a usable mission statement that will clarify thinking and keep the firm focused on a single issue. This way your firm can incorporate the mission statement into all printed and online materials, including social media. Having a clear-cut mission statement will set the tone for your social media plan and policy. You should create your mission statement before starting any social media projects – it will get everyone on the same page.

For example, “Representing Businesses in Times of Transition,” or “Helping People Through Divorce,” or even “Helping Clients Prepare for the Future through Estate Planning.” (Okay, that last one is 9 words, but you get the idea.)

How long is your firm’s current mission statement? Do you think you could get it down to under 8 words using the “verb, target, outcome” format?

Try this exercise and share it through the comments’ section below.


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