Legal Marketing: Another Tool to Help your Legal Social Marketing Needs

Bit.Ly Logo’s Bundles, a new multi-link sharing tool that uses one URL, can be a great social media aid for law firms.

All of your blog content does not have to be original. I usually write one original post/article to every four to five “resourced” articles.

Your law firm’s blog should become a repository of information gathered from across the Web. Your blog should become the one-stop-shop for legal information. You’ll get a generous amount of credit from your audience by assembling it on their behalf.’s new Bundles feature is another way for you to become the go-to-person for helpful information for your followers on Twitter and Facebook.

You can add multiple links to the entry field; just separate them with a space, then click “shorten” and “bundle” to quickly and simply create an all-in-one package of multiple links.

Every link you add will include a rich media preview and’s valuable metrics; your bundle can also be customized with a title and description.

Some additional of’s Bundle features:

  • Your bundle is stored in your link history so you can go back and add or remove links when you want
  • Allows you to arrange the order of your links in the bundle
  • Gives your links titles and notes
  • Makes it easy to share your bundles with your friends on Facebook and Twitter
  • Users can discuss your bundle using the comments feature
  • You can easily track your bundle’s performance with Bitly’s info + functionality

There are tons of little tools and tricks on the web to help boost your law firm’s social marketing efforts. This is just one. Every little bit helps when trying to get a blog or Twitter feed up and running. These tools just make it easier. You want to be the law firm that is ahead of all of the trends, so make sure you know what is out there!


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