Legal Marketing: Is your firm properly represented on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn World

Make sure your firm’s name is properly represented on LinkedIn’s company profiles.

By now you should know that to get found on LinkedIn, you have to have a well-optimized, personal LinkedIn profile. This will, of course, also get you found on Google as well.

But what about your firm? Many firms don’t even have a company profile on LinkedIn. And even if they do, their firm is not being found by their potential and present clients.

Why? For the simple reason that their firm is not correctly named, nor is the description content optimized properly.

This is not your fault.  When first setting up a personal profile on LinkedIn, and adding a firm name to the experience section, LinkedIn prompts one to “create” a company profile. All that is needed is your firm’s name and an email address at that firm.  You do not have to be the marketing director or partner to create your firm’s profile.  Any employee with an email address at your firm can set up your firm’s profile on LinkedIn.

I doubt many employees do this maliciously, but as a partner of your firm, or the marketing director, it might behoove you to see if you have a company profile on LinkedIn that you didn’t even know about!  To do this, simply go to the company search box and type in your company name.

You will also want to keep tabs on your firm profile because right now ANY person who currently works at your firm can edit the company profile.  Scary, right?  Even scarier is the fact that no one seems to know this, and LinkedIn does little to control unsanctioned creation or editing of a company profile!  What you can see is the last person who edited the company profile – so you can either thank them, chastise them, or fire them!

What else can you do? Do you have a company profile?

  • Make sure that as the marketing director or partner you have a personal profile on LinkedIn.
  • Make sure that your firm’s name in your experience section matches the name of the firm in the company profile.
  • Once you have access and can edit your company profile, edit the firm name to what it should be. (In case there are spelling errors or other naming issues.) You will have to ask LinkedIn to do this for you at
  • Make sure that you have all your keywords in your company description – you have 2000 characters to describe your firm’s services, the benefits to your clients and some of the great work you do.
  • Do an audit of your firm’s profile!  LinkedIn automatically lists the employees of your firm when they put your company name into their personal profiles.

So make sure that everyone you think should be in your firm is there, and no one is there who shouldn’t be! If someone claims to be an employee of your firm, you can report them at:

Who doesn’t belong?

  • If there is someone listed as current employee who is, in fact, a past employee, simply ask them to change the “current” setting in their experience section to “past” by un-clicking the “current” tab.

So now you should be current, clean and clear!  We often forget about company profiles on LinkedIn.  But they can be a powerful channel for client engagement.  So make sure your firm profile is correctly titled, optimized and properly reflects your services and experience!


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