Legal Marketing: Twitter Basics

Twitter Screenshot

It’s not too late to get your law firm on Twitter, but it’s helpful to have some basic information to get a good start.

Everyone is using Twitter nowadays – celebrities, businesses, even President Obama. Some people use it to get news, while others use it to update clients.

Whatever the reason your firm is starting a Twitter account, you must know the basics before you jump in.

First thing, Twitter is free! It’s a micro-blogging site that allows users to post information in up to 140-character “Tweets.”

Setting up your account. Twitter is easy to start. You’ll have to answer some basic questions such as your name, e-mail etc. This is where you will either give your Twitter account your law firm’s name, or if you are using it for personal use, you can just use your name.

Once you get set up, you can then change your picture and background. I suggest incorporating your law firm’s logo in either the background or the picture – you may need to check your social media policy first. Also, make sure you add some information about your law firm in the sidebar so users will know who they are following.

Now that you are all set up, start tweeting and following! So maybe you don’t know what to say in your first Tweet. Well, look at other people’s pages to get an idea. Start following other law firms and law associations. I follow organizations such as Legal Marketing Reader to get some of my law news. It’s easy to follow people, just look them up in the search bar, and once you’re on their page, click “Follow” at the top.

Catch up on hot law topics pertaining to your practice and start to tweet those articles and thoughts to your followers. You want to build a large base of followers to look credible. You also want to follow a lot of people in the law industry so you can build a solid networking base.

Once you start tweeting, make sure you keep your tweets to 140 characters. Why? Twitter is only used for updates on information. For example if you want people to read your recent law article, Tweet the title and link to the article so people can click on it and read it. (Side bar: to shorten your URLs so you don’t go over the 140 characters, use

You can also re-tweet articles from your law peers. Re-tweeting allows you to share an article you think is important to your followers to help establish you as a thought leader in the industry. To re-tweet, mouse over the bottom of a tweet and there will be a button that says “re-tweet.” This is also a good tool to see which of your articles are being re-tweeted by people following you.

Once you get the hang of it, Twitter is very simple. Of course there are other ways to maximize your legal Twitter experience, but like I said in the beginning, these are just the basics!


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