Legal Marketing: Resisting Social Media?

People and Social Media

Social media has become a powerful tool in the business world.

Many very successful law firms are using it to develop professional connections with colleagues, attract new clients and deepen relationships with existing clients.

If you’re still thinking of social media as merely a time-waster for teenagers, it’s time to take another look.

Consider this:

  • Facebook is bigger than the United States (population wise) at 550 million users – 250 million of whom log on to Facebook every day.
  • Twitter is so popular it grew 1400%  just last year.

The business world is taking note of these opportunities and getting on board for one simple reason: Marketing through social media works.

So what is this social media thing?

  • In its simplest definition, social media uses online and mobile tools to communicate user-generated content. That means you and your potential clients can drive the conversation.

And the result?

  • Connections that generate better information, better ideas, and more potential clients seeking services in your practice.

The beauty of social media

  • It’s cost-effective.
  • It reflect the authenticity of an individual or a business.

Businesses that use social media in the old style of  “sell, sell, sell” are not effective in this medium, and are often shunned. But those who operate in social mediums with authenticity, integrity and relevance begin to attract a large audience. These connections can quickly turn into new clients and powerful strategic business partnerships.

Say your law practice has been successful through referral marketing but would like a little more exposure. Using a combination of blogging, Twitter, Facebook and some great downloadable e-material you generate, your firm could substantially widen your influence base, exponentially increasing awareness of your name and expertise among legal professionals and potential clients alike.

People do Internet searches for your area of specialty every day. Many of them are in need of a lawyer. Why not be the expert they find? Potential clients for whom your services are uniquely relevant will find you and will have already developed a familiarity and comfort level with your firm through its social media presence.

Go ahead, dive in.  There is a reason that most professionals who take the leap into social media stay in:  because it allows them to reach a wider audience, sharpen their public image, grow their business and establish stronger relationships with their clients. And what law firm doesn’t want that?


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