Legal Marketing: The Importance of LinkedIn

LinkedIn image

LinkedIn is one of the biggest social media tools for lawyers and legal marketers.

Compared to other social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is more business-oriented and allows legal marketers to connect with each other through forums and groups, such as the legal marketing group that I am involved in.

According to an article recently published by called “Where to Focus With Social Networking”, 59 percent of lawyers are involved with social networking. This is an extremely high number, and it only continues to increase. With more Gen Xers and Gen Yers becoming junior partners at law firms, it’s no wonder this number is increasing. So now is the time for lawyers to jump on the bandwagon if they want to gain new clients. I’m not saying that you should only rely on social networking to get new business leads; you should always be communicating directly with prospects on the phone or in person as well. But social networking is a place where these people can find you, so you can take those leads and then set up face-to-face meetings.

When you first get started on LinkedIn, make sure your profile is up to date. Highlight all of your credentials and constantly update them. If your resume changes, be sure to make those changes on your LinkedIn account as well.

Now once you have entered all of your information, connect with people. Add connections with the people you have worked with before. Unlike Facebook, where many just add everyone they have ran into in their lifetime, these are business connections. You want to get as many referrals as you can and as many business connections as you can.

Become members of important law groups and industry groups and partake in the discussions. This is how you meet new prospects and referral sources. You want to be a source of information, so use LinkedIn in this way as much as you can. Discuss hot topics in the legal industry and ask people for their feedback. Create forums so you can talk to other lawyers.  Leave comments on other posts, not just your own.

Used correctly, LinkedIn will do wonders for you and your firm. It will lead to new clients, and it will boost your firm’s reputation.

Read more on’s article, “Where to Focus With Social Networking.”


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