Legal Marketing: B2B Best Practices on LinkedIn, Optimizing Your Firm

Group of People using LinkedIn

A lot of people use LinkedIn, but most aren’t using it correctly. Here are some simple tips to make sure your LinkedIn is being optimized to the fullest.

WHY? Attract more eyes with customized and optimized content – increased traffic to your online presence.

  1. Your LinkedIn Profile is your professional identity, autobiography, brochure or ad on LinkedIn. Think of it as a website showcasing your career, your firm and your service.  Like any brochure or website, make sure your content is grammatically correct and free of spelling errors.
  2. Use the Professional Headline on your profile to share your areas of expertise and interest. You have 120 characters to work with. This field is weighted heavily in both the LinkedIn search and Google search, so use your keywords.  Almost every action you take on LinkedIn is accompanied by your headline section and picture – so make sure they are engaging.
  3. Your photo should attract others by being engaging and approachable.  I recommend a close up of your face.  (If you are smiling or laughing, even better.)  This is a business site, but it is a social networking site first.  DO NOT have anything or anyone other than yourself in the photo and DO NOT use your firm’s logo (goes against the EUA – End User Agreement).
  4. Use the Summary section to expand upon information in your profile. This section is searchable, so include keywords that are appropriate for your industry. You can write your summary in a Word document first and then cut/paste it into LinkedIn. This will allow you to check spelling and grammar, as well as create attractive formatting with bullets and spacing.  The most common symbols and bullets will transfer over. You have 2,000 characters to use.
  5. Change the link/url in your Profile by editing Public Profile so that it includes your name, your firm name or expertise in the legal industry and include it in your email signatures, business cards, other marketing collateral, and as a website link in your “about us” section.
  6. Add new content to the “Update” section several times a week by informing your network of recent work you have done, successes your clients have experienced, good legal information from others, just to be helpful.  Make sure you start your update with keywords and add a link to a website.  The new update section works much like Facebook and will pull the icon from your website into the stream. With LinkedIn Signals your updates will carry a lot more weight – and be findable and viewable by more people.
  7. Link your update section to Twitter, but choose the “#in” option.  Remember, LinkedIn works differently from twitter and your LinkedIn connections will not appreciate your twitter “prolific-ness.”  Use your keywords in your LinkedIn and Twitter updates.

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