Legal Marketing: Can I Afford Marketing in This Economy?

stack of money

I think marketing is something you really can’t afford not to do in any market – and doing it in today’s economy may reap your firm even higher benefits than usual.

There is no better time for a law firm to invest in marketing than when the economy is down. Think about it: If other law firms are making cuts to their marketing budgets, they don’t have a big public presence right now. That opens up the playing field and gives you a bigger spotlight – more for your marketing dollar.

It’s somewhat like investing when the stock market is down. Investing in marketing while the market is low can bring a much higher return on your investment. Potential clients are much more likely to see and retain your message because many other law firms won’t be competing for their attention.

Even without this multiplier effect, I advise my legal clients to keep a public presence at all times. If you’re not guiding public perception of your firm, you can be sure the public will be – through blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media – and it might not be the image you want.

Gone are the days when one unhappy client might affect the opinions of 10 or 20 people. Today, the same client can go online and affect the way hundreds, even thousands, of people view your firm.

You can’t stop such posts, but you can go a long way toward ameliorating their effect with a branded presence that is open, inviting and honest.


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