Legal Marketing: 5 Content Ideas for your Law Firm’s Blog

Law Book

These are some specific writing ideas that will build traffic and generate leads for new business from your law firm’s blog.

You don’t want to be wasting people’s time and you don’t want people to not even take the time to read it. Don’t stress. Sit down and make sure your attorneys take these five content ideas into consideration.

  1. Write about specific hot topics in law. What are some new laws that have recently been passed that will affect your clients? How can you help them navigate the complexities? Write down all of your knowledge and expertise in this area-who knows someone could be looking for a lawyer with knowledge on this topic.
  2. Talk about your firm’s differentiators. You want people to know your firm through your blog. Write about the principals and standards your law firm lives up to. Write about your professionalism in the legal work force. Let your readers feel as if they already know you before they come to you.
  3. Discuss how you can help them with their specific legal troubles. Give them examples of how you have helped other clients in the past and how you can help them. This goes back to idea number one, make yourself sound knowledgeable so people trust you can help them.
  4. Give them tips and advice about the legal process. Once again, give them tips on what you have been doing and learning for the past several years. Help them out by giving them advice.
  5. And finally, just relate to them! Talk as if you have been there, because you probably have. Talk about your experiences. Know what main legal issues are affecting people and relate. Relating to them will make them feel as if they know you.

If you do this and write about what you know, traffic will generate to your blog. And as always, make sure you’re reading up on current legal issues, that always helps out with writer’s block!


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